Hartt Transportation

Bison Transport Inc. Acquires Hartt Transportation Systems, Inc.

January 3, 2022 (Winnipeg, MB) James Richardson & Sons, Limited (JRSL) and Bison Transport
(Bison) are pleased to announce that, effective December 31, 2021, Bison Transport acquired 100
percent of the issued and outstanding shares of Hartt Transportation Systems, Inc. (Hartt)

Headquartered in Bangor, Maine, Hartt is one of the largest truckload carriers based in the Northeastern
US with 360+ tractors and 2100+ trailers and a sizeable logistics offering. Hartt is a 2nd generation
business, founded in 1948 by Delmont E. Hartt and then owned by his son, Billy Hartt, until it
was acquired by Bison. Hartt’s success over the last 70+ years has been driven by a long tenured and
reputable customer base, low driver turnover, a focus on safety, a quality fleet and a strong company
culture. These factors are similar to those that have allowed Bison to be successful, leading us to see
a strong strategic fit between our companies.

“It is a year to the day that we announced that Bison Transport was joining the JRSL family
of companies. We are pleased to see Bison continue to grow its existing businesses
and by making this significant US acquisition of a company that shares the same values
as both Bison and JRSL.” reflected JRSL’s, Executive Chair, President & CEO, Hartley T. Richardson.

Bison’s President & CEO, Rob Penner, commented at the closing of the transaction,“These are truly
exciting times for all involved. I have had the privilege of meeting and spending time with
the Hartt leadership team, and collectively we feel strongly about the cultural fit. There
is a great energy in this business and the people have a strong desire to continue to
grow and prosper in a responsible way. We believe this acquisition to be foundational in
strengthening our cross-border offerings and establishing Bison Transport USA as a Tier
1 US Domestic fleet, well positioned to serve the growing needs of our customers.”

Billy Hartt, past President & CEO, of Hartt Transportation Systems, Inc. stated that, “I am excited for
my employees to become part of the Bison family, as we share similar core values and
cultures. I am certain that, with the merger of Hartt’s and Bison’s teams, they will produce
amazing results and become an even stronger carrier for the future.”

Marc Wolding, President of Bison Transport USA noted that, “We want to extend a warm welcome
to all Hartt employees. The entire Hartt Transportation team should be extremely
proud of the business which has grown to become a premier carrier in the eastern US.
There is a very bright future in front of us, and I am looking forward to seeing us grow

Financial details of the transaction will not be made public.

About Bison Transport
Bison Transport is a privately held, professionally managed transportation company established in
1969, owned by James Richardson & Sons, Limited and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Bison is a leading asset-based freight solutions provider that employs over 3,700 professional drivers
and staff with a network of terminals throughout North America. With its fleet of over 2,100 tractors
and 6,000 trailers, Bison delivers transportation services to its customers throughout Canada and the
United States, and into Mexico.

About James Richardson & Sons, Limited
Established in 1857, James Richardson & Sons, Limited is a private, family-owned and operated corporation
involved in global agriculture and food processing, as well as energy exploration, transportation
and marketing, freight transportation and logistics, financial services, insurance and real estate.
Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, JRSL has assets and operations strategically located across
Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

About Hartt Transportation Systems, Inc.
Hartt Transportation Systems has been providing professional, reliable and safe motor carrier service
to Maine and the nation for over 68 years. Starting in 1948 with a single truck designed to haul gravel
and pulpwood, Delmont E. Hartt and more recently his son Billy Hartt have directed the company’s
growth to include 360+ tractors, 2100+ trailers and hundreds of dedicated employees. Hartt Transportation
Systems has been recognized by the American Trucking Association’s Safety Management
Council, the Maine Motor Transport Association and Reliance Insurance Company for its superior
safety record.

Media contacts:
Rob Penner
President & CEO
Bison Transport Inc.
Marc Wolding
Bison Transport, USA