SMS Services Terms of Use for Hartt Transportation Systems, Inc.

Hartt Transportation Systems, Inc. provides an SMS text messaging service using toll number(s) or 10DLC to send and receive SMS text messages for SMS notifications and conversational messages.

How to Opt-in: To opt-in to receive information via SMS, users may do so by request during a phone call to the contact center verbally, during an in-person conversation, via webform or hard copy form or by sending a message to a toll number.

How to Opt-out: To opt-out of our SMS service, text STOP to the toll number from which you have received an SMS message. You will be unsubscribed immediately from receiving messages from that specific number going forward unless you opt-in to that number again. You will receive an SMS confirming that you have been unsubscribed and you will not receive any additional messages unless you opt-in to the service with a subsequent request.

How to get help or support: To get help contact your dispatcher.

Fees: Our service never charges consumers to send or receive text messages. However, message and data rates may apply, depending on the terms of your individual cell service plan.

DISALLOWED CONTENT: Hartt Transportation Systems, Inc. is compliant with all Carrier rules and will not send disallowed content over this service. Only content allowed by the 10DLC SMS service that have been approved by the carriers will be transmitted.