Employee Testimonials

“Best Company I have ever driven for!  They work for you as long as you work for them.  Good equipment, very nice people, and I can go home anytime my schedule changes.”
-Larry Wadsworth, Jr “2015 Driver of the Year”  10/10/15

“Under their Hartt logo they should put SECOND TO NONE and that is the truth.  Haven’t been here long but everything they said to me over the phone is true and plus more, and I’ve been around trucking companies for a long time and none can compare. Ron my dispatcher is the best dispatcher I have ever worked for, and I am sure the rest are the same. The only thing they should change is NOTHING.”
-George Stavrou 6/29/15

“I would recommend this company for anyone looking for great pay, benefits and stability.”
-Monty Mcclain 5/18/15

“Great place to work. All updated trucks. We are like a big family here at Hartt”
– Kands Halfway Farm 5/28/15

“Great place to work…great people to work with!”
– Chad McCafferty 6/29/15

“Truly a “Family comes first” company. The open door policy actually works in this company if you choose to use it. I am proud to be a member of the Hartt team. Great friendly staff all the way around.”
– Matthew Scott Riley 9/19/14

“Best in class, from top to bottom and across all levels. None better – no one!”
– Dan Michaud 7/16/14

“Extremely proud to be associated with this truly professional organization. Committed ownership and loyal employees creating an unbeatable team of trucking experts!”
– Jeff Castonguay 7/16/14

“It’s been great working with Hartt. Best company around by far.”
– Jeff Phillips 1/21/15

“Love Hartt Transportation.Very professional and safety conscious.”
– Terri Calto 7/16/14